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Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Break Movie Fest!

My spring break started Friday, and I've dedicated myself to both catching up on current movies/watching all the DVDs i've bought over the years but never gotten around to watching. The first category has come from me just going to red box, the second category is a stack of about 15ish movies that i either haven't seen/haven't seen in a LOONG time.

Here is the list of what I've seen this far and what I thought.

The King's Speech
This movie had incredibly acting and writing. The players and the words were top notch and deserved more awards than they got. I don't think the director should have won the oscar though because he made some choices visually that were not interesting/were visual eye sores/ didn't match up from shot to shot.

An interesting premise, very interesting. It's not that it was poorly executed, but once the mystery starts to unravel it does so very quickly and stops being fun to watch. Nothing special here.

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps
I'm a big fan of the first Wall Street, so it kind of upset me that I just now got to see it. But this movie is so not what I expected it to be, and that is a compliment. I loved it, loved it loved it loved it. This is a great sequel in my opinion. The only problem is a few editing mess-ups i noticed, and the fact that the movie ends without showing us the resolution.
ADDENDUM: I forgot to mention Charlie Sheen's cameo, in a word, it was Bi-Winning

Waiting for "Superman"
As a father I was interested in seeing this Doc on the Education system, and boy was it a good watch. A fascinating documentary, please give it a watch.

Now I have a pile of 4 more movies from Red box sitting in front of me, I'm planning on getting on them as soon as I click "publish post"

What are you watching this week?


  1. I'm watching Gilgi against my better judgment and will. Of Course it's for the review blog so I guess I just have to suck it up and sit through it.

  2. I watched King Speech. I thought it should of won best picture of the year.

    I've been wanting to see Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. After seeing how much love you gave it, maybe I'll go rent it tonight!

    Great post Mr. Perry!

  3. lucky, im still waiting on my spring break