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Monday, February 14, 2011

WWCD: My Bloody Valentine

I'm starting a new type of post on my blog, titled "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner" or "WWCD" for short. In said post I'll compare and contrast one thing and then the remake/adaptation of said thing.

In honor of today I will be doing a special WWCD of the slasher films My Bloody Valentine.

Since they're horror films I'll be comparing them in the following ways: "Story", Kills, Visual Style, Actors/Characters, Scaries and General.


The story is better in the 81 version for a few reasons. Things are definitional more corny in the original but the legitimate mystery in it is more present and better handled. I like the mystery of whether it actually Harry Warden killing people or is it someone else?
Winner: My Bloody Valentine OG


These movies have great kills, but I have to give the edge to the remake. Though it redoes a few of the kills from the original, it makes them more graphic and not grainy (like the unrated cut of the '81 original). A lot of these kills in the remake are very original even though they reuse the same weapon (pick ax).
Winner: MBV Remake.

Visual Style

I saw the remake in theaters in 3D and it was awesome, and I watched it on DVD in 2D and it still looked good. The atmosphere is great and dingy and plays just as well in 2D as it does in 3D. The original however is very bright and crisp, it just looks like a conventional 80s slasher movie.
Winner: REMAKE


Sure everything is cheesy in the original, but I can handle that because it was made in the 80s. The actors in the remake are mostly 2D (see what I did there?) and shitty, especailly Jensen Ackles.


The remake has way scarier parts, in particular the opening sequence and the grocery store scene. Nothing in the original stands out like these.
Winner: Remake


The original is easier to watch than the remake, but the interesting parts of the remake are way more interesting than the original.

So I proclaim the winner of the first Winner Winner Chicken Dinner:
 My Bloody Valentine 1981.

Both are decent enough slasher movies, but the original just holds some sway over the remake to me. If they could have taken the story/cast of the original with the kills/effects of the remake it'd be a great flick.


  1. Finally someone who is competent enough to write a thorough review of horrors!

  2. Agree with Scott. Nice review mate - CHICKEN CHICKEN WINNER DINNER. Wait, that's wrong, right?

  3. I liked it a lot, it one of my favorites.

  4. Very nice.. Can't wait to read more. Following.

  5. Great review! i prefer the original to the new one so i agree with you.

  6. nice review.me not a big fan of scary movies though

  7. Good review with the exception of using the words Jensen Ackles and shitty in the same sentence. That was just not right :)