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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Television Adaptation.

I want to work in television one day. I'd like to write for shows, and the bigger goal than that is to be a showrunner on a show I created.

Before you read the rest, don't think that I don't have my own original ideas for tv shows.

I think there have been a lot of movies that I've seen over the course of my life that when I think about them, they could easily be expanded/adapted into a television series. They wouldn't have to keep the same cast or title, but the very core of the story itself would make for great TV if done right.

For instance,
The Nic Cage movie Lord of War, a TV series about a gun runner has the potential to be awesome.

The very silly action movie Van Helsing. Imagine if someone made that into a gritty action series and spread out all the famous old school monsters/villains/settings, and made it not so cheesy.

The horror series Saw. If I did it, I'd make it like the tv series The Wire, focus on various aspects of crime solving/city life Police work/the media/the doctors at the hospital, and the people in the traps. Don't make it about the "games" or "kills", make it about solving the cases/reporting the story/helping the injured.

There's plenty more that I probably haven't even thought of, what movie would you like to see redone as TV?


  1. I. Love. The. Wire. More than anything, ever.

  2. Yeah that's a great show, I don't follow it closely but I have friends who do.