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Sunday, February 27, 2011

A quick note on opinions

Not everyone will have the same opinion that you do.

You shouldn't be rude because someone else's opinion is different than yours.

Until you realize that everyone's opinions are subjective and different based on their own walks of life, you will always be a shit-head elitist that doesn't know why people don't like it when they start talking.

What you probably say now: That movie was Awesome/Terrible/Shitty/Great/Okay/Pretty Good
What you should be saying: I thought that movie was Awesome/Terrible/Shitty/Great/Okay/Pretty Good

See the difference? One sounds like you're reading a fact from a book, the other is an opinion. Don't talk about movie opinions like they're facts, because they're just your thoughts.

Sure this blog is full of my opinions, but I won't degrade someone for what there's is.

It is important to have opinions, how can we have discussions without differing sides and respect?

Just something I needed to get off of my chest, not as well written or formulated as I strive for my writing to be, but it gets my point across I think.


  1. Someone once told me "Your opinion is wrong!". I proceeded to walk away.

  2. yea. if we all had the same opinions, we may as well be robots

  3. Wish people were a bit more understanding :/

  4. I disagree. I think you have the right to tell someone their opinion is wrong if you have reasonable evidence that they used flawed logic in reaching that opinion, like the opinion that women are stupid. If you ask a person why they think that, they can't give you a real reason.

  5. I dunno, I hate it when people talk as if they're opinion is fact, everyone has different opinions and they should all be respected. It's so annoying when people can't accept other peoples ideas and views.