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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Justified season 2 tonight

Everyone's favorite cowboy stuck in the present day comes back tonight, and shit I cannot wait.

If you've never watched Justified you really should get on it. It's essentially a western set in the modern day.

It has some of the most memorable characters that I've seen in tv recently, Walton Goggins does a fucking fantastic job throughout the series and I'm glad he'll be returning tonight.

One reason this show stands out is because it's a crime show but they investigate crimes that ALL the other crime shows on tv cover. It's more crimes people aren't aware they can be arrested for or simply don't think about, so I find it interesting to see these crimes be investigated.

You can find the Blu ray on Amazon for only $25 and it is well worth your money.

But it is an FX drama, they tend to deliver in spades on their shows.


  1. Tim Olephant is really underrated. Gotta say though that I like him waaaaaay more in Justified than in Hitman...

  2. Very true sir, he's this generations Clint Eastwood I think