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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Justified S2 E3

Episode 3 of Justified's second season came on tonight, and it was GREAT. I'm always afraid they're going to run out of things to do and start repeating themselves on this show, but they always surprise me. I like how the show has a lot of stand alone episodes, but the season arching plot threads take up more and more time as the season passes. That's a great way to construct a season's arc, I'll need to remember it when I'm writing my own show one day.

I'm glad that Walton Goggins is now a series regular on the show, and I'm glad a good chunk of tonight's episode was focused on his character and his development.

This is one of the best dramas on TV right now, if you're not watching do yourself a favor and get on board RIGHT NOW.

If you're familiar with the show Deadwood I've heard a lot of people thinking of Timothy Olyphant's character in Justified as a descendant of his character on Deadwood (a good way to get people interested that have seen Deadwood but not Justified).

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  1. hmm, might check out this show, only because you recommended it...