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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Inception.....the video game

Some people didn't like Chris Nolan's latest film Inception, but I really dug it (not like the obnoxious fanboys but just because I like to be entertained by movies and this movie really entertained me).

Anyway, apparently even before it came out that the Inception actors were signed on to more movies, Chris came out and said they want to expand the world of Inception via a video game.

The article above is saying that the game would be an MMO, but that isn't the way I'd go with it, at least not in the sense of how we think of a typical MMO.

It sounds like a good idea to me, I'd play an Inception game if it was good, but will it deliver?


  1. I though that was the best picture of the year!

    I guess it has no chance with the with the academy awards though!

    I'd definitely give the video game a chance if it comes to the 360.

  2. games based off movies usually suck and vice versa

  3. i think inception wold make a decent rpg but frankly i liked the movie but not enough for a mmorpg

  4. Eh, I'll have to wait and see. Most movie to game adaptions suck.