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Monday, October 25, 2010

Movies 51-55

 Movie #51 Deadgirl
What do you do if you find a girl chained up in the basement of an old mental asylum? Do you make her your unresponsive sex slave? A very interesting movie, a new spin on the zombie story with strong performances and a great script. I highly recommend this to everyone.

movie #52 4bia
This four part horror anthology from Thailand is proof that this type of horror movie still works. The stories in this are very affective and quite scary. A great flick, loved it.

Movie #53 Slaughter High
Stupid, cliche, nothing new here. Avoid this please.

Movie #54 Bubba Ho-tep
Another movie I'm ashamed to admit I hadn't seen before, because I absolutely loved it. Its a Bruce Campbell movie in case you didn't know, and if for some reason you need further reason to see it Bruce plays Elvis. Great movie, I prefer it much more to the director's previous film I saw (Phantasm)

Movie #55 Paranormal Activity 2
Here is how you should know if you should watch this movie, Did you see the first one and like it? If yes, you'll probably really like this, if no you'll probably really hate this. The movie does recycle a lot of the gags from the first, but it DOES turn them up to 11 instead of just leaving them at the same level. An affective scary movie that will lose all of its muster on home video I'm sure. One thing I don't like about it though, to quote my roommate, "I hate how a lot of the 'scary parts' are just loud noises", couldn't have said that better myself. I think I like this movie more than the first one, and it also does a great job of relating itself back to the original film. Fans will want to check it out, haters keep on hatin'.

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