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Monday, October 18, 2010

Movies 45-50

Movie #45 Chopping Mall
Very goofy horror film, poster can lead you to believe it's a slasher movie but its actually about killer robots. Stupid at times, some kills are cool, but there's no substance here to make it worth watching.

Movie #46 Grotesque
Another Asian snuff film movie. The title gets it right, if you want to see a movie about senseless (and at times highly sexual) violence with almost no story behind it this is your movie. At least I can get behind the Saw and Hostel movies, because the victims actually stand a chance, there is no hope in this movie for the victims. Personally this wasn't an enjoyable movie to me, well made yes, worthy of the label "good"? I'm not sure.

Movie #47 The Descent Part 2
The idea of a sequel to The Descent sounds stupid to me, and the first twenty minutes of the movie will lead you to believe that your assumption was wrong, the opening act for the film is quite good. Then they get back in the cave and start recycling things from the first. There are new ideas about the creatures and the caves in the movie but they just don't click like everything in the first did. If you've seen the first and are curious about the sequel, it wouldn't hurt to watch it but I would recommend you just pretend this movie doesn't exist. The ending is flat out terrible too.

Movie #48 The Hamiltons
Slow, predictable, boring, cliche. All of these describe this movie, its mediocre story, its dreadful actors, and cheap camerawork. Avoid.

Movie #49 City of the Living Dead
A different kind of movie, I've noticed a trend in these 80s Italian horror movies in that the gore is good but it seems the ideas for kills and effects came before the story. Not as good as  movie #41 Demons, but not terrible either. Pretty slow start, and boring at times. Only watch it if you have nothing else better to watch.

Movie #50 My Name Is Bruce
This movie is ridiculous and silly, and that's exactly all it needed to be. Could have been better but I certainly didn't hate it. Campbell is easily the best part of the flick (didn't see that coming did you?).

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