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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Movies 33, 34, 35 and 36

Movie #33 Jeepers Creepers
It had been a while since I had seen this movie in its entirety, but it did hold up. I rather like this movie, not because its good (it's okay overall) but I think this movie has a lot of special things about it that we don't see really in most mainstream horror. This movie has some very genuine scares, and lots of it is quite frightening; however it suffers from a second/third act slump. The ending of the second act/start of the third are so slow and boring that its almost not the same movie at all. I still really like this movie, the scares/creepy parts are great and the antagonist is quite original and quite terrifying.

Movie #34 The Frighteners
A movie about a series of strange killings that can only be solved thanks to a psychic Michael J. Fox and the spirits of dead people that he keeps around to make money of the towns people by clearing the ghosts under his employment out of their homes. The effects in this movie are quite good, and are still passable among todays standards (even though it was made in 1996), but its Peter Jackson when he was still doing what hes best at so what should you expect? The script is great and the actors are fantastic, this movie is a winner.

Movie #35 Hatchet
I've seen this movie at least a dozen times all the way through, and it still holds up incredibly well in my opinion. The movie is so funny in its first act and it has some of the best kills in recent memory, and apparently slasher movies can still be scary (as one of the people we were watching with jumped continuously throughout the flick). A bit of a hokie premise in retrospect but the dialogue is very well written. Big fan of the director, great flick.

Movie #36 Frozen
This movie comes to us from the writer/director of Hatchet, and I was speechless while watching. This movie proves that Adam Green doesn't have to rely on special effects and gore to scare the audience, he is a capable enough writer and director to unnerve and frighten us with simply his characters and visuals. Green has matured so much as a filmmaker in just three movies, and it really really shows. His same style of writing is still present (not complaining though), and though not the focus, he brings gore to the table for the fans. This movie is very very intense, an incredible character driven horror movie that has made me never want to go skiing EVER.

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