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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Movie #18 Day of the Dead

I'm ashamed to admit I hadn't seen this movie before today, and boy am I mad I haven't seen it sooner.

Day of the Dead is Romero's third outing into the zombie apocalypse, and this time he's tackling the military/scientists life after the end of the world.

The movie takes a different spin on the situation and most of the scary aspects of it come from the intense scenes with the people, the fear comes from fear of the other people not the zombies. Day of the Dead is very well written, the script is smart and presents a lot of things that would definitely happen in the event of a zombie apocalypse. That's Romero's biggest forte as a writer in my opinion, he writes people and their interaction so much better than almost any horror writer ever.

It wouldn't be a Romero movie if it didn't have amazing gore and makeup, and it does. The deaths in this movie are AMAZING, and they only reinforce the point that slow zombies are scarier than fast zombies.

I loved this movie, a whole bunch. Watching this makes Survival of the Dead the only Romero zombie flick I haven't seen, though I dont think it will surpass the first 3 in the series, I have high hopes because he is such a capable director.

Watch Day of the Dead if you haven't seen it, even if you have you should watch it again. This movie is definitely worth your time, attention and money.

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