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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Movie #12 Satan's Little Helper

I had seen this movie in video stores before, and assumed based on its cover that it would be an absolutely terrible movie, boy was I wrong.

The movie is about a little boy that is obsessed with a violent video game called Satan's little helper, so much so that he decides to dress as the titular character of this video game for Halloween and to go on a quest to "find satan" whilst trick r treating and take up the mantle of being his helper. Needless to say he finds a man that he believes is Satan, sorry to tell you though he's just a psychopath and not the devil himself. Things get really tricky for our characters here, and it turns the movie into a great watch.

The flick is obviously very indy, which can be a poor sign for what the actors will be like, but with this movie it was not the case. The actors did a good job for what they were in, a silly horror movie. The script is really smart and has plenty of twists and turns in it to keep you guessing the entire time.

The movie can also be quite scary at times, and not in the way you'd think. With a movie with this title you'd think there would be blood and gore every other scene but surprisingly you'd be wrong (not to say there isn't gore, there is enough for the gorehound in you to get excited, including one particularly funny scene involving a kitty cat). The scares in the movie are genuine, they're well thought out and planned just right to get the best reaction out of you. Plus as soon as something scary happens usually something funny is about to happen to, thats one thing I love about this movie is how little it takes itself seriously.

The movie is a blend of a supernaturalish Halloween tale and a slasher film, and It won't disappoint if you're looking for silly/scary fun.

The entire movie is available for free (and it's legit too!) on Youtube, see it here.

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